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Wooden Bed

These beds are available in options such as Sheesham and Teak. You can also customize the size as well as finish the bed to blend it as per your home decor. Wooden Bed is available in three types – Low Quality, Medium Quality, and High Quality. The storage space can also be altered according to your preference.
₹ 15,000.00

Side Table for Bed

Equipped with many drawers or cabinets, a bedside table helps you store many daily essentials such as medicine boxes, remote controls, books, spectacles, etc.
₹ 3,000.00

Wooden Console

A console table is used for displaying accessories and other decorative items like candlesticks, photo frames, vases, pile of books, antique art piece, lamps, miniature figurines, etc. in the hallway, foyer, living room or bedroom.
₹ 250.00

Study Table

Study tables are plain and simple tables that are used or studying or writing purposes. Depending on the size of the room or the place where you want to place it you can get large l shaped study tables or rectangular or L-shaped ones.
₹ 250.00