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Floor Tile Works

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Floor Tile

With the help of good business ethics and international quality products like Flooring Tile Installation Service, we have earned a respectful name in the domestic as well as in the global market. We deliver our products across the globe. Our fine quality products is what we boast of and our complete commitment towards our customers and backed by rich experience.
₹ 25.00

Border Patti

Our specializations firstly includes BORDER-PATTI WORK. it means border of the flooring is created and designed on marble beautifully.
₹ 25.00


Skirting tiles are tiles placed on the edge or junction of the floor and wall. We provide the best service for tile skirting. As It allows your room to look larger than it is in reality. Skirting is the bottom border of the wall that acts as a cover for the wall and floor joint.
₹ 25.00

Floor Granite

Granite is made up of minerals such as feldspar and quartz, which add to its feature sparkle. It can be used in almost any part of your house and comes in both honed, matte slabs, as well as brushed, shiny tiles. We provide you with the best service of floor granite.
₹ 45.00

Skirting Granite

The primary reason for providing wall skirting is to avoid dirt patches on the bottom of the wall when it is being cleaned or mopped. The porosity of mosaic tiles, joints of ceramic tiles, whiteness, and the porosity of marble make the skirting difficult to keep dirt-free over a period of time. So the ideal material is dark-color polished granite.
₹ 45.00

Floor Marble(Ragrai)

After fixing everything on the floor once, the floor is smoothed using a rubbing machine and sandpaper-like materials and then polished to make it shiny and further smooth.
₹ 50.00